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Name:Hetalia Kink Meme
Kink Meme's rules

1) If you post a request, please fill another request.
This rule is here to keep the meme going.

2) Please avoid wank; no trolling allowed.
Try to be mature individuals and avoid creating controversy on these pages. If something highly offends you in a request, comment on the help/suggestion post, the mods will deal with it.

3)Stay anonymous at all times.
This rule is in place mainly to avoid cyber-bullying; not everyone shares your kinks, this is the safest way to proceed.

4)Keep your comments request-related.
You may discuss the content of said request on the post made especially for that; please avoid seconding more than twice as well.

5)Please put a warning at the beginning of your fill if it contains triggery content.
If you feel like your fill could trigger someone (rape, character death, pedophilia etc) make it known. Put it at the beginning of your fill, in bold.


How do I post a request?
-Go on the current request post and comment there.
-The requests will only be frozen once we reach 20 pages (or a total of 500 requests). It'll be open again once 100 fills have been completed (fills from an older part are allowed too).
-Put the character/pairing you'd like as well as the situation in the title, then describe what you'd like; please stick to what you want to see in the fill.

Mister A/Miss B, eating lunch together

I Would like to see Mister A and Miss B eating lunch together at a fancy restaurant. It'd be even better if they had pasta.

How do I fill a request?
-Simply answer to the request in a comment; type your fill in there, or copy paste it there.
-If it doesn't fit in one comment(the characters limit is of 16 000 characters), please cut it and keep on answering to the request. Put it in the title.
-Once you completed a fill, please comment on the fill list. Put the request and the part it's in in the title and a link to both the request and the fill in the comment itself.
-If you have a multi-parts fill, proceed in the same way; answer to the first comment you created with links to the parts you add.

Example of post on the fill list:
[Part 1]MisterA/MissB, eating lunch together

I'd like to write/request something in another language.
There is a post up for that especially. Please just put the language you'd like in the title of your request.
[Dutch]MisterA/Miss B, eating lunch together
Everything else stays the same, you will simply need to keep on precising the language it's in.
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